Bangladeshi police arrest landgrabbers who assaulted journalist investigating the theft


Police have arrested three people in connection with an attack on Bahannor Alo correspondent Selim Shamrat, who was attacked while investigating an illegal land seizure on July 11.

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) condemned the attack on the journalist and called on police to ensure the investigation is followed through.

Shamrat was attacked when he went to investigate a land grabbing incident in the Barakhata area. Locals told the Daily Star that Shamrat was pushed to the ground and then was forcefully beaten. Shamrat said, “At one point the land grabbers attacked me without any reason, pushed me to the ground, and started beating me mercilessly.”

After the attack, local people rescued Shamrat while the attackers, Ali Reza Badal, Taijul Islam Mukut, and Taijul’s son, Mirajul Islam Hridoy, fled the scene.

 Shamrat said that both Badal and Mukut asked to see his identification card before they attacked him. An eyewitness to the attack, Mizanur Rahman, said the attackers are known for grabbing land illegally in the Barakhata area.

The officer-in-charge, Ershadul Alam, reported that police originally went to arrest the attackers in a raid but did not locate them. The three men were arrested on July 14 after being on the run for three days.

The IFJ said: “The protection of journalists must be made a priority in the Barakhata area where there is a noted history of land grabbing. Journalists reporting in the public interest need to be protected and justice is vital.”

  • IFJ report
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