An MP tells farmers beans and potatoes are juicier than mangoes


An MP from Murang’a County wants farmers to uproot mango trees in favour of commercial crops such as beans and potatoes.

These mango varieties are non-lucrative compared to other crops.

Kigumo MP Wangari Mwaniki says the two crops can do well in drylands and growing them on a commercial scale can earn farmers more money locally and abroad.

Ms Mwaniki told farmers to come up with programmes to popularise the crops to boost food security and eradicate poverty. The legislator warned against over-reliance on maize and mangoes contributes to poverty.

Through the programme, interested farmers will be given seedlings during rainy seasons and helped in the management of the crops.

Speaking during a tour of Kandani, the MP said efforts to create awareness among interested farmers had already begun.

Acreage under the two crops is expected to increase in the next rainy season.

The legislator said farmers will also have to uproot crops with low market value in favour of those with high demand.

“Mango farmers suffer at the hands of brokers who pay them peanuts for the fruit,” she pointed out.

“These mango varieties are non-lucrative compared to other crops. Two sacks are sold at Sh200 (US$2), way below what same quantity of beans or potatoes can fetch,” the MP said

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