Homosexuality or money? How World Bank conquers Nature by arm-twisting Africans to have a go at the unnatural

Homosexuality or money? How World Bank conquers Nature by arm-twisting Africans to have a go at the unnatural


What are World Bank values apart from value of money? The history of World Bank funding of projects in Africa, since it turned its attention from funding of the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Europe, shows that it has habitually only valued the money economy.

In pursuit of money, it has violated all known values, including: cultural values, ethical values, moral values, ecological values, water values, environmental values, et cetera.

If the World Bank has valued any other values it has only been reactionary as a response to growing and spreading struggles by humanity against its insensitivity to virtually all known human values, especially in the field of energy development.

On the whole, the World Bank, through its philosophy of development based on conquering Nature and the projects it funds, has been the principal violator of all types of human rights, including the right to uphold and defend human values.

Where World Bank pursuit of  proliferating the money economy has squeezed all reasoning from the development process, it has used business confidentiality between governments, consultancies, development institutions and itself to violate the hopes of nations and peoples for meaningful and effective development, transformation and progress.

Therefore, on the whole, World Bank loans have been just imposing its development choices meant to proliferate the money economy. Even when a country does not need loans, they have been imposed by the World Bank. This, to a large extent, explains the mushrooming debts of poor countries like Uganda.

Since 1987, Uganda’s debt burden has been spiralling upwards to its current level of well over 80 trillion shillings. Most of it is due to the World Bank and to its sister institution, the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

We cannot experience meaningful social development largely because we have to pay back the loans with big interest. When this combines with the carelessness and corruption of our politicians and bureaucrats in all institutions of government, it is clear that even if we continued to get loans from the World Bank and IMF for the next 100 years, we shall never develop our country not hand over the gains of development to the future generations of Ugandan In fact instead we are poaching drop future generations to quench our own slight development.

If we met the future generations tomorrow we would never be able to explain to them why we borrowed incessantly, yet we have been reasoning that we have been borrowing to make Uganda a better place for ourselves and for them to stay in comfortably  after we are no more. They will just say that we were stupid fools to borrow only to make the West and our own leaders, in whatever station of life, wealthier at the expense of our poor, needy and themselves.

For me, I have for decades failed to see the other values of the World Bank, except the value of money. Reference to things like social and environmental values in more recent times is intended to convince humanity to believe that the people in Washington care about humanity. Never. It is money they have cared about all along. It is their culture and value.

Yet as soon as a project that the World Bank has identified as financially rewarding to itself and the many banks and corporations that invest in it presents itself, the officials in Washington will ignore everything else except the money motive.

We saw this most glaringly in the Bujagali dam process in Uganda. Even if we kept on crying aloud about the dire consequences of the ethics, morality, ecological, cultural and environmental aspects that would be ushered in by the project, we were ignored. The project was funded by the World Bank and implemented by President Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s government at exorbitant cost. Busoga, where the project is found, lost its ethical, moral, cultural, ecological, spiritual and environmental values and has yet to gain anything meaningful from the project.

How then does homosexuality come into the equation of World Bank development economics? What value does it add to the quest for development of Uganda?

If the loans package of the World Bank is polluted by homosexuality considerations then we do not need to burden ourselves with loans from the Bretton Institutions.

It means that  the World Bank has decided to use homosexuality as a tool to satisfy its investors that love sex perversion and to deviate us from our ethical and moral norms for the sterile culture of money as a new culture for us.

It is not farfetched to assert that the World Bank, and by extension IMF, wants to use homosexuality as a tool to bring our centuries-old genealogies to an abrupt end. Its choice of linking homosexuality to its loans reveals the hidden intention of the real owners of the World Bank and IMF to use the vice to depopulate our country in particular and Africa in general to create a peopleless country and peopleless continent.

The architects at the World Bank want our country in particular and Africa in general to serve Western civilisation as reserves for raw materials. We know today Uganda has far more gold underground than the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and many other natural resources corporates in the West want to continually access and exploit at minimal cost and without constraints.

When they wanted New Zealand, Australia and the America they almost exterminated the Maoris, Aboriginals and Red Indians respectively. What is impossible today to try and achieve? A peopleless Uganda? A peopleless Africa?

Ugandans must begin to love our country. We must begin to think local and think global if it is absolutely necessary.

We need austerity measures to liberate ourselves from the scourge of loans-driven economy. We must stop being spendthrifts. Let us entrench equity and justice in Uganda so that we are united in resistance to the advances and excesses of the West and its corporates whereby it is now openly linking its money to how far we give in to homosexuality.

If the austerity measures are to be useful and involve reducing incomes of earners, it should not be only civil servants at the intermediate and bottom levels that should be affected. Politicians and the military should have the financial waste on them drastically reduced. 

The administrative costs must be enormously reduced by re-amalgamation of districts, counties, sub-counties, parishes and villages. The national budget should be completely rethought and re-oriented to fuel genuine development, not politics or wars. Then we must spur domestic production. If we don’t do all this then we shall not respond to the World Bank action intelligently and wisely

No. We must survive for posterity. We shall not if we give in to imposition of homosexuality for money. This is what will finish us as a people. HIV/Aids and Covid-19 have failed to erase us from the face of the Earth. Homosexuality combined with craze for the sterile culture of money can depopulate a whole country, a whole continent.

If that is the aim we must reject World Bank money and its development economics committed to the proliferation of the culture of money and the perverted culture of homosexuality.

Money is a value, and it is the cardinal value of the World Bank and the corporate world in whose interests it was established, but homosexuality can’t be a value. It can only be a vice; a wrong being popularised as a right even by the World Bank.

For God and My Country.

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