Homosexuality: It’s time Africa, other developing countries gave World Bank and IMF a wide berth

Homosexuality: It’s time Africa, other developing countries gave World Bank and IMF a wide berth


Long ago President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni declared that he would not tolerate foreign interference with the governance of Uganda. However, as soon as he chose “complete dependency” of Uganda on money (mainly as loans) from World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) it became clear that the country would be in the armpit of those two Bretton Wood institutions.

This was on January 1 2005 and was reported the following day by The Sunday Monitor on January 2. Until President Museveni stated on the New Year Eve that he would not tolerate foreign interference in the way Uganda is governed, it had become evident that the country was under the political governance of international corporations, principally the International Monetary Fund (IMF)and the World Bank.

In fact Ugandan ministers had become so fearful of the IMF and the World Bank that no fear was left for God.

This is true in many African countries that have been coerced into accepting the conditionalities of the IMF that require that to qualify for World Bank loans, the client government accepts to privatise everything, remove all controls, remove all subsidies and let the market set prices and have free market exchange rates.

I learnt on August 12 morning as I was researching on the extent to which Uganda is governed by World Bank through the projects it funds that the portfolio of such projects is well over 2000. This, combined with money through NGOs, makes Uganda a truly international Bantustan.

An international Bantustan depends almost entirely on foreign money to do anything small and big. Domestic production is in the hands of foreigners.

Yes, with President Tibuhaburwa Museveni in charge of Uganda, we chose outright dependency. We never knew that no foreigner helps you more than he or she helps himself or herself. There are, thus, always strings attached.

In the Uganda-World Bank “aid equation, we now know homosexuality is the string attached. We also know that so many pushers of homosexuality are linked to the World Bank and in fact own it. They want homosexuality to replace heterosexuality, which is the same as saying that they want to be in charge of our reproduction and genealogies. They want to determine which lineages become extinct and which ones are perpetuated well in the future, but with expectation that they too will catch the “homosexuality bug”.

Of course with their interest being exacting long-term dire consequences on Africa in terms of reproduction and sustenance of life on the continent, money is the obvious tool available to them. They know money can make fools of those who regard themselves as wise when they are not. African leaders who become rich only after they have become leaders through primitive accumulation of wealth are victims. The loot the make, if they do not encourage domestic production, will be foreign loans-based. Because they are too dependent on loans to sustain their thieving culture, they will be extremely disappointed if the money taps are closed. They may have no immediate alternatives to turn to. Their sustenance is endangered.

Those who do not know what the financiers of the World Bank ultimately want to see happen are wailing loudly. I have learnt that some NRM bigwigs have reacted to the World Bank decision to stop its loans to Uganda by attacking the Speaker of Parliament for steering the debates that outlawed homosexuality in Uganda. They have called her names. They are focusing their minds on World Bank money, but not why it has been given mostly in the form of loans and in such volumes. They don’t want to know why today, unlike before, the World Bank has put homosexuality at the centre of its loans. They do not want to hear what homosexuality will do to their children, grandchildren and genealogies. They are greedy and selfish, and they do not mind futuristic thinking. Their interest is right now and themselves. Not their children and grandchildren. 

For God and My Country.

  • A Tell report / By Prof Oweyegha-Afunaduula, a former professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences of the Makerere University, Uganda
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