Apex rolls out 5-year plan to support gifted university students

Apex rolls out 5-year plan to support gifted university students

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Apex Industries, an oil and gas conglomerate based in Equatorial Guinea has entered into a five-year funding partnership agreement with the National University of Equatorial Guinea, which will see the company give scholarships to top talents at the country’s main institution of higher learning.

As part of Apex Industries social programme, the company commits to financially support qualifying students during their academic progress for the next five years.

Apex Industries is a leading oil and gas services company in the central Africa. Its activities include the delivery of offshore engineering and maintenance services, oil field logistics services and facility maintenance services.

The company, which is headed by its founder and chief executive Don Leoncio Amada Nze has an ambitious growth plan to widen its footprint across Africa and the entire energy value chain.

In order to achieve that, it will have to ensure that it can rely on a constant supply of highly qualified youth.

‘’Our initiative is aimed at offering students in Africa the opportunity to quality education which the National University of Equatorial Guinea provides. We are enthusiastic about this partnership because the youth are the future, not just for Apex Industries, but for the entire continent. They will be in the position to meet the continent’s socio-economic needs and create an impact in their communities,’’ says CEO of Apex Industries and President of the African Energy Chamber, CEMAC region.

Apex Industries and the African Energy Chamber continue to stress the importance of supporting African institutions and universities by highlighting the shortfalls and implementing strategic plans to address with them adequately, including financing shortfalls.

This collaboration also includes a commitment of continuous assessment, in an effort to mobilise the energy sector as a whole to support talent development in Equatorial Guinea in particular and Africa in General.

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