Uganda gay law: Homosexuality mutating into new tool of imperialism West is using to cast Africa as uncivilised, backward, savage and homophobic

Uganda gay law: Homosexuality mutating into new tool of imperialism West is using to cast Africa as uncivilised, backward, savage and homophobic


Soon after President Tibuhaburwa Museveni appended his signature to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023, thereby converting it into the Anti-Homosexuality Law 2023, there were condemnations of his action from the countries in the West, which legally recognize homosexuality and lesbianism as human rights.

Many of these countries led by the United States also legally approve of same sex marriages as a human right and a morally right sexuality practice. In this article homosexuality and lesbianism are collectively and conveniently referred to as homosexuality.

In virtually all Africa, however, homosexuality and lesbianism are detested as human wrongs. Apparently, it is in Africa where the family institution and heterosexual marriage remains solidly strong culturally and morally. It is also where all the major religions imported from the Arab World and from the West are united in abhorring homosexuality and lesbianism as a new dangerous imperialism that will wreak Africa ecologically, ethically, morally, culturally, spiritually, genealogically and futuristically with the potential to prescribe mass extinctions everywhere on the continent if the new imperialism is allowed to proliferate and entrench itself.

The new imperialism of homosexuality does not use guns like orthodox imperialism did. It uses money, foreign relations and compulsion of the youth to embrace and practice right from juvenility. It has even been academicised, with many universities in the West and even in some in select countries in Africa offering degree courses to advance the new imperialism.

The new imperialism is worse than orthodox imperialism which aimed to conquer, occupy, dominate and exploit for economic and social exploitation of peoples all over the world. In some places such New Zealand, Australia and the Americas indigenous peoples (ie, Maoris, Aborigines and Red Indians respectively) were exterminated and their land completely grabbed from them.

The new imperialism has chosen to use sexuality as the new weapon of conquest, occupation, domination and extermination. It is a very formidable weapon because it attacks the means of perpetuation of the human species, Homo sapiens, well in the future. Its way is to pervert sexuality from heterosexuality to homosexuality.

It is, however, not a completely new practice because in biblical times it was practised in the cities of Gomorrah and Sodom, for which God punished them, exterminating everything and every human that lived in those cities. Also, animals that are deprived of heterosexual relations may also practise homosexuality.

The emphasis in this article is the use of sexuality as a tool of conquest, occupation, domination, social disruption and extermination.  The strategy is perversion of sex from heterosexuality to homosexuality and its deliberate advocacy and popularisation through literature and education, as well as financing institutions and governments open to the perversion.

There is no doubt that homosexuality is both satanic and evil targeting the destruction of the unity of body, spirit and mind

Recently, a Ugandan PhD student at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, riled by the transnational determination of the homosexual movement to academicise and intellectualise homosexuality, especially in Africa, exposed the proceedings of a workshop organised to promote homosexuality far and beyond through a diversity of strategies. In his article, Expose Homosexuality and its Evil: Let us protect our country for God, the Ugandan student who did not want to reveal his name for obvious reasons.

Wrote the student: “This week, out of curiosity, I asked for permission to attend a workshop organised by tat the department of geography at the University of Sheffield and was hesitantly allowed because I am from another department and my research has nothing to do with the topic of the workshop. Reading through the programme of the workshop, I naively thought the workshop was going to address how to form solidarities with beneficiaries of donor aid while respecting postcolonial sensitivities.”

Instead, according to the student, the workshop was designed to bring together academics and intellectuals, postgraduate students and aid agencies to explore emerging transnational sexuality politics. It was to critically examine recent interventions in non-western settings (such as moves to link aid to recognition of sexual minority rights), and to explore how these might be reconsidered and reformulated in the future.

According to the workshop, transnational and intercultural sexuality politics will be set in the broader context of efforts – some clumsy, some more successful. The workshop was meant to explore practical as well as intellectual questions, asking how it might be possible to forge new solidarities across borders while respecting post-colonial sensitivities.

The Ugandan student says he was, however, shocked to discover that the workshop was a highly intellectual meeting geared at how to rephrase the debate and activities on gay rights so as to soft-land in non-western and post-colonial settings. The student says the keynote speaker was an openly gay Nigerian living in London, and working with the Kaleidoscope Trust which, like all the NGOs that participated in the workshop, promotes gayism. He goes on to reveal that five questions were framed to guide the workshop, namely:

What developments are taking place?

How can legal frameworks be used?

How can we negotiate faith and religion (in other words, how can we go around this obstacle of faith and religion)?

How can we learn from the past and learn from history?

How can ideas inform practice and vice-versa?

The student did not reveal how many Africans participated in the workshop, but the keynote speaker being an African and the most targeted Continent by the homosexual Movement being Africa, one would imagine that many from Africa were there. The Homosexual Movement needs African adherents, disciples and priests of the new religion and imperialism of homosexuality to tackle the obstacle of faith and religion while wearing black skins and with retuned minds.

Indeed, according to the PhD student who filed the report on the content and intent of the said workshop, out of the 6 PhD researchers and graduates that gave research reports on their projects, 5 did their research in Uganda. Only one did research in South Africa on HIV transmission. In a gay community. It has for long been known that gayism is a formidable conduit of transmission of HIV/AIDS and that in Uganda, at least, most of the aid to the health sector from the USA is aimed at treating HIV/AIDs victims. Ironically, therefore, USA promotes gayism in Uganda and other countries, and also gives the greatest aid to fight HIV/AIDs. This is double standards in the health sector.

The PhD student reveals that one PhD student reporting on her research in Uganda stressed that Uganda needs attention because:

The Anti-homosexuality Bill 2023 (which was assented to last week and is now Anti-Homosexuality Law 2023) is a serious danger to promotion of LGBT rights. Uganda is a very dangerous place to live as a gay or lesbian person. Kato’s death was the reference here.

 There is a massive Pentecostal charismatic development financed by American evangelicals that is turning most Ugandans very religious and promoting anti-homosexual beliefs. They are emphasising integration of faith into day-to-day life and, therefore, many political leaders are making decisions affecting the public based on their faith. It is increasingly believed in Uganda that being a good Christian is synonymous with being a good citizen….

Eighty per cent of Uganda’s population is under 30 and these are massively attracted to church. An anti-homosexual generation is, therefore, emerging. Political leaders are making liaisons with religious leaders to fight LGBT.

According to the Ugandan student, who made the report I am citing here, the academics and intellectual committed to homosexuality in the Sheffield University workshop, strategised as follows:

Work out how to soft land and not be seen as interfering with culture or imposing western ideas.

Provide legal services to activists and victims (Human Dignity Trust does this already).

Empower local groups to talk for themselves so the opponents do not see a white face.

Appear as if the focus is on HIV/Aids and through this channel get to the majority of gay community

Rephrase the debate – do not be loud, work quietly, silently often behind the scenes, develop friendships (Quote from O’Connor).

Show how homophobia drives HIV infection. The victims do it in secrecy in an unprotected manner. If they are allowed freedom, they would be less vulnerable to HIV infection.

Lobby and put government under pressure privately in the media (only publicly when necessary).

Research (participants were respected doctoral and graduate researchers and lecturers from the University of Sheffield, Cambridge, Sussex, Manchester Metropolitan, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Nottingham School of Oriental and African Studies London, Dublin City University and Kings College, London).

Do all that is possible to decriminalise homosexuality.

Stimulate discussions in the media in a way that the media will brand homosexuality.

Paint the negative language; replace the bad language with something else, do not say gay, find something that is more appealing although with the same meaning.

Portray homophobia as uncivilised, backward and savagery. Acceptance of homosexuality should be seen as modernisation.

Use intergenerational connection to link homosexuality to genealogy and thus prove that people are born that way (someone’s research is digging the archives, looking at family trees of homos).

Challenge the debate that homosexuality is a danger to family life.

Use of colonial terminologies is problematic. Avoid it.

Activists should stop using religion wrongly. Do not appear anti-religion. Bring out examples of people who are gay and yet sympathisers and yet very religious. Some gay and lesbian religious groups, Desmond Tutu, Bishop Ssenyonjo and Gene Robinson are frequently given as examples.

Involve women in the fight.

Some of the topics of discussion at the Sheffield University Workshop included:

Conditionality and the reality of African LGBT activists Taking Stock: Proposals and interventions (Keynote Address)

Working through transnational and international legal frameworks

Negotiating colonial memories and postcolonial sensitivities

Negotiating faith and religion

Emerging solidarities: Dialogue between Theory and Practice.

It is clear that the Global Homosexuality Movement is determined not only to stay afloat but to penetrate Africa by hook or crook but using highly educated Africans, many trained in the West. Now that Uganda has got a law to fight homosexuality, it needs to open up to confront the movement using national debates especially among the youth and at our universities. It will be necessary to take stock of our masters and doctorate graduates who got their education in the West and acquaint the country with their topics of research.

Meanwhile, our universities should be more sensitives to topics of research proposed and approved in various schools and universities to ensure that they are not intended to promote homosexuality. There is also need to rethink the aid flowing into the country to fight the HIV scourge and establish whether or not it is not linked to promoting homosexuality.

It is necessary that the Ministry of Education revitalises the teaching Christian and Islamic religious education right from nursery to university level, if we are still building Uganda as a strongly religious country. Faith and religion are together an antithesis of homosexuality.

There is no doubt that in the global push to ensure homosexuality challenged God, faith and religion, and erodes the family foundation of organisation of our society, plots, negotiation imposition are married as a multipronged weapon in creating homosexual avenues for penetration of Uganda in particular and Africa in General.

We need political commitment of all political parties in Uganda and Africa to defeat the plots, negotiations and impositions of the global homosexual movement. If not then we are endangered well in the future. If Africa falls to homosexuality, then the continent will surely fall in the hands of the very ones who imposed their orthodox imperialism on us in the past. It is deception to say homosexuality is modernisation. Homosexuality is destruction – destruction of whole genealogies of African family trees.

Last but not last, government(s) need to establish concretely, which non-governmental organisations are here to promote the interests of homosexuals.

The New Imperialism of Homosexuality is deadlier than what orthodox imperialism plotted, negotiated and imposed on Africa at the Berlin Conference of 1884-85 leading to its partition into numerous units we now call countries or nations.

  • A Tell report / By Prof Oweyegha Afunaduula, a former professor environmental science at the Makerere University, Uganda.
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