New report unearths how researchers feared to reveal how Covid vaccines weaken immunity

New report unearths how researchers feared to reveal how Covid vaccines weaken immunity


A report carried in the medical industry journal Science has pulled the veil off criminal connivance between drug manufacturers and medical researchers on how Covid-19 compromises body immunity – known as Long Vax or Long Covid in medical parlance.

In some cases, accepting Covid vaccination was tantamount to signing a death sentence, the report chronicles. The report comes out at a time some counties in Europe and the Americas still make Covid a prerequisite for getting a visa.

The article in the current issue of Science journal reports that “regulators in the US and Europe say they have not found a connection between Covid-19 vaccines and small fibre neuropathy or POTS.”

But even Peter Marks, director of the US Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, which has denied and downplayed the existence of vaccine autoimmune side-effects, conceded to Science, “If a provider has somebody in front of them, they may want to take seriously the concept [of] a vaccine side-effect.”

German Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach has “acknowledged that Long Covid-like symptoms after vaccination are a real phenomenon,” Science also reported.

Marks told Science he worried “the sensational headline” about vaccine side-effects could “mislead” the public. And several other researchers quoted in the article also expressed concern that their research could “undermine trust in Covid-19 vaccines.”

Dressen said researchers are hesitant to speak out because it carries great risk.

“There is not a single person, whether they are new to the game or whether they’ve been in this for decades, there’s not a single person that when they do step across that line and they do speak out, that they don’t get punished,” Dressen said.

She added, “There’s not a single person that gets hailed as a hero and money flows and their research happens. There’s always repercussions. And these researchers knew that, right? Which is why they came out together and they came out in force.”

Dressen also says that doctors and researchers are finally speaking out because of the work being done by vaccine-injured patients.

“The interesting thing about these researchers though,” she said, “is that they too had to be deprogrammed. And that happened because of … the patients [who] ended up in their offices,” she said.

“The majority of the advocacy that happened to get these researchers to where they were willing to speak out, it happened on the ground floor with their own patients. So, you know, that’s the power that the patients have.”

Newall, who suffers from Covid-19 vaccine-related autoimmune disease, said: “The best advice and support I have had about my reactions have come directly from other injured. They have been a lifeline for me. I knew to ask for a skin punch biopsy only because other injured people had told me to based on my symptoms.

“Even knowing what to ask for, the first neurologist wanted to wait and run other tests because he said small fibre neuropathy doesn’t normally present the way I was presenting. I told him we are in unchartered [sic] waters learning as we go, so please run the test.

“Finally after months of waiting, he tested me and I was positive for small fibre polyneuropathy.”

The article hypothesises that the Long Vax symptoms might be caused by an immune overreaction to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. Science reported: “One theory is that after vaccination some people generate another round of antibodies targeting the first. Those antibodies could function somewhat like spike itself: Spike targets a cell surface protein called the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptor, enabling the virus to enter cells.”

Bernhard Schieffer, a cardiologist at the University of Marburg, is also quoted: “The rogue antibodies might also bind to ACE2, which helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate. … If those antibodies disrupt ACE2 signalling, that could cause the racing heart rates and blood pressure swings seen in POTS.

“Small fibre neurons also have the ACE2 receptor on their surface, so in theory rogue antibodies could contribute to neuropathy.”

Rose says the “molecular mimicry” is a possible action for spike-induced autoimmunity. Molecular mimicry refers to a significant similarity between pathogenic elements contained in a vaccine and some human proteins.

According to Nature, this similarity may lead to immune cross reactivity, where the reaction of the immune system toward the pathogenic antigens may harm the similar human proteins, essentially causing autoimmune disease. Vaccine-injured advocates say that much more research into these types of adverse events is imperative.

“This is just one of the many injuries and many side-effects that they write about in this article. There’s so much more work to be done in the area, so much more attention to be given to a lot of people who are suffering today,” Wilson said.

Newell said that when vaccine-injured can get access to early treatments, they are more likely to recover.

“But, that requires acknowledgment,” she said, adding, “Just like Guillain-Barré [syndrome] is recognized as a vaccine reaction, we need small fibre neuropathy and POTS to be recognized as well.”

She added: “Had there been a medical and financial safety net along with processes to accurately research the injured and adequately support us, we would be much farther along than we are and so many wouldn’t have had to needlessly be gaslit at the doctor’s office with all of these new symptoms.

“I wish those of us who were not using the medical system prior to our Covid vaccines and were now suddenly showing up with debilitating and scary symptoms would have been at the very least researched.

“We needed acknowledgment even though our truths are uncomfortable. It has been a painful and lonely ride that I would not wish on anyone. We need to be able to talk openly about reactions because what doesn’t get talked about leads to shame and isolation. Isolation can lead to suicide. We have seen far too many injured take their lives.

“We have waited years because our reactions might cause vaccine hesitancy. That has delayed progress. We are part of the science. The medical world needs to study our reactions to make this brand-new vaccine safer for all people.”

Science reported that a few university-sponsored research projects are moving forward. Yale’s LISTEN study will examine both long Covid and Long Vax cases.

React19 also plans to distribute small grants for studying immunology, biomarkers, and other features of post-vaccine illness. “Even modest support matters,” Krumholz told Science, because “it’s incumbent on us to produce preliminary data” to win over funders with deep pockets.

“The deep-pocketed funders of Covid vaccines had no problem pouring billions into them without any preliminary data – but helping their victims is not one of their financial priorities,” Chudov commented.

He added, “Thus, the researchers helping the vaccine-injured operate with tens of thousands of dollars, while Pfizer shareholders enjoy their multi-billion windfall.”

Wilson, who is also a journalist who interviews doctors and scientists on her programme, the “Aga Wilson Show,” added, “This is not a fight between the anti- and the pro-vax. It’s a fight for people’s health.”

She said public health agencies should be responsible for creating better systems to track injuries and should be funding research to understand and treat them and stop them from happening again.

“We are in a very bad situation because the governments are not taking responsibility for this. This research needs to be funded,” she said.

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