New details emerge of how Pfizer made $100 billion, covered up Covid vaccine that killed patients

New details emerge of how Pfizer made $100 billion, covered up Covid vaccine that killed patients


Details continue to emerge about coverups and fraud that took place during Pfizer’s Covid-19 shot trials. Die Welt, a mainstream media outlet in Germany, revealed that numerous subjects who suffered adverse events, including deaths, were removed from the trial data.

Meanwhile, trial data were manipulated “to create the illusion” the shot is 90 per cent effective, for instance by excluding participants who got injected and developed Covid-19 within the next 14 days.

Taken together, it leaves little doubt that CovidD-19 shots cannot be trusted.

The Die Welt report described several deaths that occurred shortly after the injections, but were excluded from the trial data. Among them was a person known as “Pfizer subject C4591001 1162 11621327.”

The person, a 60-year-old man, died three days after receiving the second dose of Pfizer’s Covid-19 shot, reportedly due to stroke and arteriosclerosis. Independent journalist Igor Chudov detailed the case on Substack, noting that the man was discovered via a welfare check, and may have died within two days of the shot.

Chudov reported, “According to the medical examiner, the probable cause of death was progression of atherosclerotic disease. Relevant tests were unknown. Autopsy results were not available at the time of this report.”

The journalist writes, “In the opinion of the investigator, there was no reasonable possibility that the arteriosclerosis was related to the study intervention, concomitant medications, or clinical trial procedures, but rather it was related to suspected underlying disease. Pfizer concurred with the investigator’s causality assessment.”

However, it appears the medical examiner may have been unaware the man had received an experimental Covid-19 shot shortly before his death, and didn’t give the examination a closer look.

Pfizer also neglected to request the medical examiner’s report to assess a potential link. Chudov notes, “They just took the police report’s word that he died of ‘arteriosclerosis,’ stated that Covid Vax cannot cause ‘arteriosclerosis,’ and ruled it ‘unrelated.’ The patient was buried and forgotten. If I may guess, the examiner’s diagnosis was not even accurate. The medications that the deceased took, indicate no ongoing, severe sclerotic disease.”

Another subject in Pfizer’s trial also died 20 days after the shots. The death was ruled as due to a cardiac arrest. But pharmaceutical specialist Susanne Wagner told Die Welt: “According to the current state of science, these two cases would be assigned to the vaccination, especially since the US health authority CDC is currently investigating strokes in vaccinated people and it is known. [Pfizer’s investigators] falsely ruled these deaths unrelated.”

Indeed, an announcement made by the CDC and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned that people aged 65 and older who received Pfizer’s updated (bivalent) Covid-19 booster shot may be at increased risk of stroke.

The CDC’s Vaccine Safety Datalink or VSD, which uses near real-time surveillance to track vaccine safety, flagged the potential safety issue, revealing that those 65 years old and over were more likely to have an ischemic stroke 21 days after receiving Pfizer’s bivalent Covid-19 shot compared to 22 to 44 days later.

The FDA and CDC released the statement on a Friday night before a three-day weekend, “which is proof they wanted to bury it,” Dr Meryl Nass, a board-certified internal medicine physician with special expertise in vaccine safety and vaccine mandates, said.

Even Florida Surgeon General, Dr Joseph Ladapo, tweeted about the odd timing, “What better time than a Friday afternoon for @CDCgov and @US_FDA to let Americans know that the mRNA shots they’ve been pushing may be causing strokes? Don’t worry, we’ll make sure the word gets out – just like we’ve been doing for months.”

Die Welt also revealed contradictions in Pfizer documents and mass unblinding of study subjects, which wasn’t revealed in a later approval study: “In one fell swoop, the test management said goodbye to 53 subjects on August 31, 2020. The test candidates were “unblinded,” which means they were informed about their vaccination status, a process that the Pfizer study protocol expressly only provides for “in emergencies.”

“But there is nothing about it in the approval study. In protocol documents that are available to WELT, and which are actually not intended for the public, those responsible get caught up in contradictions.”

Another example revealed by Die Welt involves trial participant Augusto Roux, a lawyer in Argentina. After receiving his second dose of Pfizer’s Covid-19 shot, he experienced shortness of breath and chest pain, and passed out.

Within days, he visited a hospital for his symptoms, where he tested negative for COVID-19 but a CT scan showed fluid, or pericardial effusion, in Roux’s heart.

A physician noted in his chart, “Adverse reaction to the coronavirus vaccine (high probability).” Despite this connection and ongoing health problems, this adverse reaction was downplayed by Pfizer and listed as unrelated to the shots.

According to Die Welt, “Over the next few months, Roux lost 14 kilos [30.8 pounds], he had liver problems, and his heart sometimes beat irregularly … The diagnosis for the symptoms after the second vaccination is very likely to be “pericarditis,” inflammation of the heart. All of this fits exactly with a clinical picture that the Paul Ehrlich Institute also has in its list of ‘rare side effects’ for mRNA vaccines.

“… His story, one might think, should appear in Pfizer’s pivotal study papers, but it doesn’t. The pharmaceutical company’s papers say Roux informed the research team that he was hospitalised with pneumonia on both sides, following the initial report, which was classified as an ‘adverse event of toxicity level 1.”

“That could have nothing to do with the vaccine, the file goes on to say, it is probably a Covid infection. Not a word that Roux had tested negative for Corona in several PCR tests.”

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