Mauritanian Bank launches Masrvi – digital bank powered by TagPay

Mauritanian Bank launches Masrvi – digital bank powered by TagPay


The Mauritanian Bank for International Trade (BMCI) has partnered with TagPay to roll out its digital bank Masrvi to provide digital, value-added financial services to its customers.

Powered by TagPay, Masrvi was launched at the end of April and responds to Mauritanians’ banking needs by providing secure and accessible banking services across the country through mobile networks, whilst offering convenience.

Masrvi enables BMCI to provide its customers with secure, simple, fast and easy-to-access banking products and services that are tailored for their needs, all with a convenience that traditional banks cannot match.

President of BMCI Moulay Abbas says, “By leveraging TagPay’s next-generation Core Banking System and their teams’ project expertise, we were able to launch our digital bank, Masrvi, in record time. Within a month of launching, we have a network of 52 branches and more than 200 partner-businesses that accept Masrvi and the numbers continue to grow. Thanks to the proven robustness, agility and short time-to-market of this solution, we will be able to rapidly grow our customers. This will help strengthen Masrvi’s product line and enable us to offer a full range of banking and financial products in the very short term.”

Commenting on the successful launch of Masrvi, CEO of TagPay Yves Eonnet said, “By using TagPay’s next-generation Core Banking System, the Masrvi solution is leveraging an innovative and intuitive technology platform that offers a full range of banking functions. Thanks to its open architecture, flexibility and scalability, the solution will allow the rollout or update of features the digital bank wishes to market. Certainly, Masrvi will promote financial inclusion and integration in Mauritania.”

Anyone with a cell-phone, regardless of their wireless carrier, can download the Masrvi application. This enables them to open a digital bank account and conduct several types of transactions such as withdrawing, depositing and transferring money, paying bills and retailers, and recharging phone credit.

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