Man City’s Guardiola casts his indicted defender Mendy as: a good, generous boy and exceptional player

Man City’s Guardiola casts his indicted defender Mendy as: a good, generous boy and exceptional player


Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola gave evidence in the trial of Benjamin Mendy, who is accused of multiple cases of rape. His former manager described him as a good person, but that he is not his father and that he does not control what Mendy or any other player does off the pitch.

These are key days not only for Benjamin Mendy’s career but for his life. He is accused of several cases of rape and his trial is currently taking place in Chester.

Mancehster City manager Pep Guardiola, who was with Mendy on a daily basis, gave evidence on Monday and British media outlets such as Manchester Evening News found out what he said.

“Mendy asked to be with all of you and that’s why I’m here,” Guardiola began saying via videolink. He was also asked whether he had high expectations for the footballer given that City paid £52 million for him.

“I don’t know because I didn’t ask him but as a club and as a manager we have a lot of big expectations. He’s an exceptional player.”

He then went on Mendy’s personality: “He’s a really good boy. He likes having fun and making others have fun. It’s difficult to find anyone in the dressing room who speaks badly of him. He was enjoying life. I can see the players when we are together in training sessions. I don’t follow the players on social media and I don’t know what they do on social media. I’m not his father. Of course, I’m not happy (about the lockdown parties).

“I think he is a generous boy. I think he was happy and I remember that, when we were training together. They were all asking him for favours. I think he adapted very quickly to the team and I would say he was very happy to be able to help the rest. He was still capable of doing it. Without doubt he was a valuable member of the team from the first day,” he added.

Unfortunately for Mendy, these positive comments from Guardiola are not going to get him out of trouble.

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