How underage drinking led to software engineer siring 96 children, now wants to play role in their upkeep

How underage drinking led to software engineer siring 96 children, now wants to play role in their upkeep


A serial sperm donor is now seeking to connect with the 96 kids he fathered during college.

Dylan Stone-Miller, 32, is on a mission to meet all 96 of his long-lost children. He is equipped with a spreadsheet containing all of their names and his unique sperm bank identification. So far, Dylan has met 25 of them.

All 96 children were a product of Dylan’s sperm donation, which he did because of legal troubles. The Georgia man had been arrested for underage drinking while studying psychology at Georgia State. His parents were unwilling to cover lawyer expenses so he turned to Xytex, which is a sperm bank in Atlanta.

Dylan sold his little swimmers for $100 a piece over the course of six years. He had given the sperm bank permission to provide his contact information to his offspring, although only after they turned 18. For about a decade, Dylan put the sperm donations behind him and carried on with his life.

Everything changed when Dylan received a social message from the adoptive parents of one of his children. Despite his success as a software engineer – and having a son of his own – Dylan is determined to find every last one of his estranged children, so he can be a part of their lives.

The call came from Canada, where a family was celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving. The social message thanked Dylan for his donation six years ago. It read: “I really hope you don’t feel violated in any way, but it’s Canadian Thanksgiving and I wanted to tell you how grateful my family is to you.”

It came from Alicia Bowes who had played detective and tracked Dylan down using clues he left on his donor card. Knowing only his first name and father’s job as a forensic psychologist, Alicia was able to find Dylan and deliver her message.

Months later, Dylan quit his job to go on a journey to find the children he fathered, even if it meant living off his savings. His son had moved out of East Atlanta to go and live with his mother. Dylan started with his long-lost daughter Harper, the adoptive child of Alicia.

He first saw Harper through the instagram of Alicia, which prompted him to ask for entry into a Facebook group chat named after his sperm bank ID 5186, which had about 20 members. Eventually, a new Facebook group would emerge with more of Dylan’s kids, which gave him a better chance to find them.

Harper, who Dylan visited twice, was the catalyst that made the former software engineer want to find as many of his estranged kids as possible.

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