Can your general lifestyle really affect your success in work or business?

Can your general lifestyle really affect your success in work or business?


Entrepreneurs change the world and create the future. They focus their energies on solving problems, improving things around them and making a positive impact on peoples’ lives everywhere. To do this, most genuine entrepreneurs embody several characteristics that help them align their lives around this pursuit – to be in the best possible position to achieve their goals successfully.

We often hear from business and entrepreneurship experts who preach the common factors of success – things like resilience, persistence, drive and more recent buzzwords such as “grit” and “hustle”. These of course are useful personal attributes to have, in addition to general business acumen and technical knowledge of a specific field of work.

But such elusive traits are not easy to come by or easy to train for. They must arise from each person’s inner strength and character, shaped by a multitude of experiences and conditioning. That’s where the lifestyle comes in.

FELS or The Flourishing Entrepreneurial Lifestyle is an online content movement that has set out to identify the lifestyle formula most correlated with these positive outcomes and to help raise awareness for it. As an internet “tribe” it aims to grow and foster a global community of people who want to be better primed for high achievement, and to facilitate to exchange of insights and support between them.

The movement advocates for 10 main lifestyle pillars that have been carefully researched from the lives of top business leaders from around the world. These pillars cover a wide range of common life practices which come together to deliver a holistic impact.

The hypothesis here is that their cumulative effect can help us become better at complex entrepreneurship pursuits, challenging business undertakings or any career aspirations by making us the best versions ourselves mentally and physically.

FELS is on a mission to bring these useful learnings to the world through simple blog-style content that provides examples of the lifestyle and how to best practice it. Aiming to make the content accessible to the people who may most need it, FELS focuses on the developing regions of the world and has created special sets of social media channels for each of them — such as FELS Africa, FELS Latino, FELS Arabia and the like.

These channels are tailored to their local audiences’ culture and language, with a total of 14 major languages covered.

The movement has also released an eBook featuring interviews with more than 30 influential entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world, each sharing their personal stories and insights reflecting on how these lifestyle pillars have contributed to their current success and prosperity.

With the community growing rapidly and reaching over half a million followers, FELS recently created a mobile app to centralize the conversation in one place and make it easier for members to step up as local leaders or ambassadors.

So, who’s behind all of this? You may have guessed correctly that it must be a successful serial entrepreneur who has identified these factors from his own personal journey. Indeed, the life of movement leader, Mr Aiman Kabli, serves as an example to these principles: as an innovator he has been part of over two dozen technology startups, as a digital nomad he has visited over 85 countries, and as an avid learner he has read over 300 insightful books over the last decade.

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