Axed Fox News talk-show host Tucker Carlson raps corrupt US media for telling lies about Covid

Axed Fox News talk-show host Tucker Carlson raps corrupt US media for telling lies about Covid


Last week, before he left Fox News, Tucker Carlson delivered a commentary on corrupt media, corrupt politicians and “truth-telling.”

According to Carlson, the question to ask when assessing public figures isn’t, “Who is corrupt?” – because there are “too many to count.”

“The question is: Who is telling the truth?” Carlson said. “There are not many of those.”

Carlson singled out Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Children Health Defense’s chairman-on-leave who is seeking the Democratic nomination for US president, as one of the few truth-telling public figures.

“It’s nice to have a truth-teller around,” Carlson said. “It’s helpful because suddenly the stakes are very high.” He added: “Kennedy knew early that the Covid vaccines were both ineffective and potentially dangerous, and he said so in public to the extent he was allowed. Science has since proven Robert F. Kennedy Jr right – unequivocally right. But Kennedy was not rewarded for this. He was vilified. He was censored.”

Carlson – who later on his show interviewed Kennedy – said mainstream media channels other than Fox News “maligned” Kennedy for his skepticism of the Covid-19 products.

“The other channels took hundreds of millions of dollars from Big Pharma companies and then they shilled for their sketchy products on the air – and as they did that, they maligned anyone who was skeptical of those products,” he said.

Carlson pointed out that Kennedy and his father, Robert F. Kennedy – who sought the US presidency 55 years ago – said things “you weren’t supposed to say” and were “hated” by some for their honesty.

For instance, Kennedy Sr spoke out against the Vietnam War because “he believed – with a lot of evidence — that it was not helping the United States in any way,” Carlson said.

Similarly, Carlson showed his viewers a clip from Kennedy Jr.’s 2024 Democratic presidential campaign announcement speech, in which Kennedy said the US government’s involvement in Ukraine appears to be “prolonging” the war rather than “shortening” it.

Carlson also showed clips from mainstream media outlets’ coverage of Kennedy’s April 19 announcement, in which news commentators called him “extreme” and “dangerous.”

“Notice,” Carlson said, “not there, not anywhere is a point-by-point rebuttal of his [Kennedy’s] actual points. They never engage him on the actual facts. They can’t – they would lose. Instead, they impugn his character,” he said.

Now that Kennedy is Biden’s leading primary opponent, Carlson said, the media’s message to him is, “shut up – you’re not allowed to talk.”

Carlson said he did not find Kennedy to be “extreme,” but instead “rational and calm and well deliberated.”

“He [Kennedy Jr] is deeply insightful and – above all else – he is honest, no matter what you think of the substance of what he says,” Carlson added.

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