Vaccine fraud: Pfizer’s six-month results show 4 times greater risk of cardiac arrest in vaccinated participants

Vaccine fraud: Pfizer’s six-month results show 4 times greater risk of cardiac arrest in vaccinated participants


There was a substantial decrease in Covid-19 deaths in the eldest age group (85+) in Massachusetts that cannot not be plausibly explained. The paradoxical drop in deaths in the most elderly (85+) is best explained by the substantial jump in deaths from the previous year in that age group.

SARS-CoV-2 took the lives of the most elderly leaving a hardier group of octogenarians. The increase in deaths throughout 2021 implicates the Covid-19 “vaccines” as a contributing factor (among others) for two reasons.

First, the pattern of deaths is not representative of an infectious agent that takes the lives of the vulnerable while leaving behind a population that is more robust and that is attaining natural immunity through exposure as was seen in 2020.

Second – and most obvious — is that the “vaccines” were present in 2021 and not in 2020. What is actually killing people in 2021?

The increase in all-cause mortality in 2021 in Massachusetts is reflected in other parts of the world. This concerning trend is often explained as solely the result of pandemic restrictions that prevented people from obtaining basic healthcare, cancer screenings, chemotherapy, etc.

This is where Beaudoin’s Massachusetts findings go further. Here are some key points from his detailed analysis:

Average age of all-cause deaths in 2021 was 75, which is significantly lower than the average for the years 2015-2019 (75.6) and even more so than in 2020 (76.2).

2021 saw an 8 per cent jump in deaths from all causes compared to the average for the years 2015-2019, yet there was a substantial decrease in deaths attributed to Covid-19 compared to 2020. This could be explained by a vaccine that is partially effective in preventing Covid-19 deaths.

2021 saw the biggest jump in deaths from cardiac arrest compared to the previous year. Deaths from cardiac arrest in 2020 made up 16.62 per cent of all deaths that year. In 2021, it was 18.63 per cent of all deaths – or a 12.1 per cent increase from 2020, which already had the greatest percentage of the previous five years.

A similar jump in deaths from pulmonary emboli occurred in 2021 as well. Moreover, Covid-19 deaths that involved pulmonary emboli doubled in 2021 compared to 2020 and more than tripled in 2022. The proportion of Covid-19 deaths that involved cardiac arrest increased by 47.5 per cent in 2021 compared to 2020 and 63.3 pe cent in 2022.

Recall that Pfizer’s six-month results demonstrated a four times greater risk of cardiac arrest in vaccinated participants than in those who received the placebo.

According to information extracted from actual death certificates, Covid-19 apparently changed its way of killing people in 2021. Beaudoin accurately summarises:

“Viruses do not simply change how they kill from one year to the next. Something happened in C19-involved deaths after 2020 that changed how C19 purportedly kills people. Pneumonia and respiratory issues dominated 2020, the year of C19, but something insidious has doubled and tripled relative numbers of circulatory system deaths after 2020. The Massachusetts DPH cannot hide from this. Either there is massive fraud in coding of deaths or some intervention in 2021 and 2022 caused deaths or both are true at the same time.”

Evidence of medical fraud?

In his dive into the 400,000 or so death certificates he obtained Beaudoin showed there is also a high likelihood that some deaths are being inappropriately attributed to Covid-19 while others are linked to the vaccine but no mention of this appears on the certificate.

One such example involves the death of a 7-year-old girl in a town near my own. As Beaudoin has respectfully declined to mention the name of the child in his Substack, I will follow his example. Multiple news outlets covered this tragedy. All reported that she died from Covid-19.

Beaudoin was able to find her death certificate, which indeed states that she died from “Complications from Covid-19 viral infection.” But was her death certificate accurate?

He also found a report in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, of a complication from a second dose of the Pfizer formulation that was administered to a 7-year-old girl in Massachusetts.

Personal identification information does not appear on VAERS reports. However, the report indicates that this vaccine complication occurred just three days prior to the day of the death of the child who died of Covid-19:

Note that this VAERS report indicates the child previously experienced severe nausea and vomiting for 8-10 hours immediately following her first dose. After her second dose, for which this report was filed, her fever spiked to 103, she developed a severe stomachache and had not had a bowel movement for three days.

Is this the same child who purportedly died from Covid-19? If so, attributing the death to Covid-19 with no mention of the vaccine on her death certificate would constitute medical fraud – or at the very least, negligence on the part of the medical examiner.

Conspicuously missing from news reports covering this child’s death was her vaccination status. Was this an oversight? If this young person who died from Covid-19 had not received the Covid-19 “vaccine” would this have been mentioned?

Notably, a different 7-year-old girl who died from Covid-19 made the news around the same time this year. This child was from Tennessee. People magazine covered her story, taking care to mention that she had not been inoculated. People published a quote from her doctor, a paediatric infectious disease expert, who told Good Morning America:

“This is not something to mess around with. The takeaway for parents is this is a virus that we have got to take very seriously and one we have a safe and effective vaccine for.”

Media coverage rarely misses an opportunity to laud the vaccines’ benefits and warn of the danger of remaining unvaccinated. Simultaneously, any information that may implicate the Covid-19 “vaccines” when harm has occurred is categorically omitted.

Of course, without proof of this child’s vaccination status, we can only speculate. This information exists on the Massachusetts Immunization Information System, which Beaudoin hopes he will eventually be able to access.

How many deaths have occurred where the Covid-19 “vaccine” likely played a role but was not mentioned in official records? How many deaths have been falsely attributed to Covid-19?

In March, health officials in Massachusetts eliminated nearly 4,000 (approximately 15 per cent) Covid-19 deaths from their tally. Dr Catherine Brown, a Massachusetts Department of Public Health epidemiologist said:

“After a deep dive into our data and reviewing thousands of death certificates we recognise that this updated definition gives us a truer picture of mortality associated with Covid-19.”

What prompted this “deep dive?” Was it news of Beaudoin’s FOIA request and his investigation that was being picked up around the same time?

While researchers at prestigious institutions are trying to retrospectively determine whether face coverings may have prevented absenteeism in a handful of school districts, Massachusetts health officials continue to ignore enormous vaccine safety signals and evidence of medical fraud in their own state.

Official death certificates indicate that thousands of deaths in 2021 may have been linked to the Covid-19 vaccines. If they weren’t linked to these products, why and how has the SARS-CoV-2 virus found a different way to kill people in 2021 and 2022?

Do these same signals appear in other states as well? How long will state departments of public health sit on their data before telling the public what that data show?

  • The Defender report / Madhava Setty
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