Kenya President tells conference the African nation has a plan for low carbon emissions by 2030

Kenya President tells conference the African nation has a plan for low carbon emissions by 2030


Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta has called on leaders of wealthier nations to take into consideration the “special needs and circumstances of Africa” in the fight against climate change.

Addressing the world at COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, he said Kenya has developed a plan to maintain low carbon development trajectory by 2030.

He further called on leaders of developed nations to provide tailor-made support for Africa as Africa has its own challenges.

“We expect that detailed rules and procedures for implementing the Paris Agreement will be finalised and a clear way forward for a climate-resilient pathway set. We also expect that the agreement will be sufficiently inclusive to accommodate the needs and priorities of developing countries and in particular, the special needs and circumstances of Africa.”

Dozens of small island states and major low-lying cities worldwide are worried about the impact climate change could have on their country if urgent measures are not taken.

President of Seychelles, Wavel John Charles Ramkalawan said, “When I hear the expression rising sea level, I am scared because it brings home the awareness that my country’s granitic islands will lose all the economic activities happening around the coast,” said during his address.

Ramkalawan added that he feared the Seychelles, “the beautiful archipelago of 115 islands,” may be reduced to less than 50 islands as the coral reefs disappear.

He said the Seychelles is “less responsible” for the planet’s destruction, “but on the contrary are doing our utmost.”

“Fellow leaders, from the Seychelles our message is simple: we have to act immediately. The environment partnership to save our planet must happen here, in Glasgow 2021. Let COP26 be the determining point, let the change be a real one. Let the paradigm shift happen. May the industrialised nations understand that they cannot continue polluting without reserve.”

A group of climate activists was present outside the venue of the conference rallying against the use of fossil fuels. They put across a message saying: WE ARE WATCHING YOU.

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