Huawei, Sunline launch contactless ‘Digital Loan One Box Solution’

Huawei, Sunline launch contactless ‘Digital Loan One Box Solution’


Technology companies Sunline and Huawei have jointly released the Digital Loan One Box Solution — a global contactless solution for financial services.

This solution will be rolled out across countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa, where financial inclusiveness is urgently necessary.

According to a document circulated through media firm APO Group, Digital Loan One Box adopts an open strategy, allowing financial institutions to launch a wide range of contactless services, such as online loan product campaign, customer E-KYC, risk assessment, fund disbursement, and post-loan processing.

The solution responds to the urgent need from both FIs and their customers for digital financial services. This requirement is ever more pressing amid the pandemic that many countries continue to battle.

As the cornerstones of national economies, financial institutions need contactless, digital and online financial services, especially in the current situation.

However, global banks face similar challenges in the course of digital transformation: huge costs and risks to replace legacy systems, limited budget and uncertain return on investment for transformation, lack of open business and technology experience, increasingly fierce competitions, and more demand of contactless service driven by the pandemic, etc.

Contactless finance refers to services where customers and banks do not need to interact face-to-face. Via Omni-channels, it supports plug-in-based services, built-in businesses and out-of-the-box features.

The Digital Loan One Box Solution is built on Huawei FusionCube Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, adopting the enterprise-level microservices banking framework EDSP released by Sunline in 2020.

The solution supports rapid, dynamic horizontal scaling on both the business and system demands. It also provides DevOps continuous delivery assembly line to meet the increasingly agile development requirements of financial institutions.

Contactless banking services make banking much more convenient, while remaining user-friendly, timely and professional, leading to better customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. The interconnection of the financial ecosystem boosts market share and reputation of financial institutions.

The solution also offers cost-effective TCO that meets their investment expectations. According to the experts behind the app, Digital Loan One Box delivers performance of utmost speed in the following areas: real-time remote account opening and biometric identity authentication via multiple approaches; quick online loan origination, approval and fund disbursement (three-minute application, one-second loan approval, and zero manual intervention).

The application also provides flexible post-loan processing, immediate loan extension evaluation and real-time account information update and non-stop services. This is in addition to quick access for ecosystem partners via standard open APIs and highly standardized products in which customers can easily understand.

“Amid the ongoing pandemic, the solution comes at the right time for financial institutions. It can satisfy the demands of efficient lending and loaning for both financial institutions and customers during such special times. Within this industry, we will continue to develop a global ecosystem and scenario-based solutions from 2C to 2B with global partners,” says Jason Cao, President of Global Financial Services Business Unit, Enterprise Business Group at Huawei.

“Together with customers and partners in the industry, we will start with 5G and seize the opportunities across five major technological domains – connectivity, cloud, computing, AI and industry applications. Ultimately, we will provide scenario-based smart solutions and technologies to facilitate the digital transformation for financial customers.”

Hongan Li, senior vice president of Sunline, added, “Sunline is a global banking IT service company. We keep innovating to lead in FinTech and enrich the interconnection of life. During Covid-19, we realised the urgent need for technological innovation, digital services and open financial services global wide. In light of this, Sunline and Huawei are now launching the Digital Loan One Box Solution.

The solution is designed for financial institutions and customers, especially for those lacking technology capabilities. It is based on Sunline’s enterprise-level microservices framework for banks. The agile platform features high flexibility, loose coupling, high performance and distributed deployment.

It meets the dynamic horizontal scaling requirements of financial institutions of any size at both the business and system demands. Our aim is to provide a solution that is practical and helpful in this extraordinary time.”

Huawei and its partners help financial institutions reach a new digital peak in financial inclusion, data-driven business innovation, and open banking, achieving full connectivity and service agility. To date, Huawei has cooperated with more than 5,400 solution and service partners worldwide to support over 1,600 financial customers across 60 countries and regions. Together, we have established an ecosystem with an expanding coverage.

Sunline is a top FinTech solution provider. It is constantly reinventing its technologies to empower the financial service revolution and drive industry development. To date, Sunline has provided more than 800 global financial institutions with integrated financial IT solutions, covering core business, internet financial business, big data, and management services.

As a pioneer among China’s FinTech suppliers, Sunline has set up branches and service offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong since 2016. It has been widely recognised for its strengths in innovation, market leadership, and product performance.

It stands at Top 3 Banking Platform Vendors in Asia Pacific in Forrester’s Global Banking Platform Deals Survey in 2019. This year, Global Brands Magazine awarded Sunline the 2020 Asia’s Most Innovative FinTech Company, and it also ranked among the 2020 IDC China FinTech 50 List.

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