Vandama Shiva: Public money is used to create infrastructure for greed, not the infrastructure of life, care and of solidarity

Vandama Shiva: Public money is used to create infrastructure for greed, not the infrastructure of life, care and of solidarity


As noted by Shiva, the industrial revolution shifted our mindset to one where we thought of nature as dead. The result was ecological destruction and the fragmentation of society. The coming economic reset is basically part of an effort to further manipulate and shift our mental framework toward something wholly unnatural.

Shiva says: “In India, they attacked and are still attacking organic and created something called the Zero-Budget Natural Farming. …  What they’re basically doing is giving big loans to the state, which then gives fat loans to the farmer. Meantime, Gates is mining farm data.

“He’s getting people placed in the homes of farmers to mine data. Then they’ll create algorithms to sell that data back. But all of this is now being reduced to carbon in the soil:

“‘You’ll get zero per cent for what you grow. You can get no needs of yours met through food and fodder, but we will allow you to trade in the global market on the carbon in your soil,’ and that’s what would keep you alive. This whole financialisation of nature is one aspect.

“The second aspect in the great reset is, redo the economy to make it look like those who are now disposable – throwaway people – deserved it. They created the language of competition. …

“[When I was writing] my epilogue, I had just received [Microsoft’s patent, which] basically reduces human beings to users … our brain activity tapped in various ways. Everyone wants to have smart wear these days. I should call it spyware.

“That data goes through algorithms … Those algorithms will decide what we are worth. Then Bitcoins will be allocated to us.

“But every child born is born worthy. Every member of society has equal human rights. So, they’re undoing everything we’ve put in place on humanity, on human rights, on democracy. This is where we need to be alert.

“I think the whole issue of the pandemic and the lockdown was useful for them for two reasons. One, they could get everyone afraid. Second, they could get everyone distracted while they took over the economy, they took over our minds. They basically transferred all the remaining wealth to themselves.”

Shiva says, “I personally feel that this assault is coming at a time when, in India and the world, there’s a new rising of consciousness of the planet and its living systems, of our health and our living systems, and the connection between our health and the health of the planet.

“At this point … it needs a lot of brutal violence to impose. To the extent they can keep the virus as their shield to hide behind, they will.”

I agree with Shiva when she says that rather than allowing Covids-19 fear-mongering to take over our lives, we need to look at the infrastructures of life, humanity, democracy, economy and taxation, “and start thinking about who’s taking them away from us.”

She says: “You have to protect that which you treasure. Freedom and life are what are being taken right now. …

“We have to resist fear and we have to resist hate. We are thinking beings; let us use the minds we’ve been given, let us rebuild community.

“Again, I don’t think the 6-foot distancing is by accident … Why do they use the words ‘social distancing’ rather than ‘physical distancing’? Six feet is a physical measure. … They now want us to forget that being a human being means being in community. They want us to be users of the gadgets.

“We must be a community. We must remember that we are interrelated to the rest of life on Earth and to society. That’s why we have to be totally innovative in how we rebuild regenerative economies. …

“I think we lost a lot of time thinking the only issue was energy, how energy is produced. We lost two decades of how food is produced.

“I really believe that if people start becoming aware that eating good food is the single most important [strategy for] health, and growing food in the right way is the single most important part to regeneration of the planet. … This will rebuild community. …

“… I don’t think we have the luxury to be hopeless. … hope is something you must cultivate on a daily basis. Cultivating hope is cultivating resistance. Cultivating hope is cultivating the strategy. …

“… I think we need to start doing homework to say, ‘How should the tax flow look? How is our money going to make the billionaires richer? How can they keep extracting more money out of us?

“‘How is our public money the new subsidy to create the infrastructure for greed, rather than be the public resources to create the infrastructure of life, of care and of solidarity?

“These are foundational issues. … Who are we as human beings? How will we live in the future? What is the future we will create long after the robber barons are gone, because they were there in the 1930s and we learned how to get rid of them. … If there’s one project we should have … it’s strategies to get rid of the robber barons, whatever it takes. …

“… Where’s the wealth going? What [in] our current legal framework can stop this haemorrhaging of public money to move upwards to the billionaires?”

  • A Defender and Children’s Health Defense report / Originally published by Dr Mercola
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