Ukraine says it’s able to decimate vast Russian targets with newly acquired Himars ‘steel rain’

Ukraine says it’s able to decimate vast Russian targets with newly acquired Himars ‘steel rain’


Ukrainian forces have received a new type of Himars rockets that have the ability to decimate large target areas and are thought to have been provided by the United States.

Joe Biden approved a new $625 million (£560 million) military aid package for Ukraine on Tuesday. The 46th President tweeted, “Today I spoke with President Zelensky to underscore that the US will never recognise Russia’s purported annexation of Ukrainian territory.

“I reaffirmed my commitment to continue supporting Ukraine, including through today’s new $625 million security assistance package.”

The M30A1 missiles, which have been identified in Ukraine, are able to decimate half a square mile of land in a single shot. The rocket is made up of 182,000 tungsten ball bearings that can cover a wider area and can damage soft-skinned vehicles and harm troops.

The long-range M30A1 missile has a range of 57.2miles and can be effective on a target area of 85metres.

A video on social media of the missiles in action demonstrates how the ball bearings are discharged in a cluster and scatter over the target, burning holes through metal and sending shrapnel flying through the air.

The new missiles can be programmed by the Ukrainian military to shatter above large groups of troops and can destroy trench systems and make pathways for Ukrianians to advance.

Prior to this new delivery, Ukrainian forces were using M31 Unitary Warhead precision rockets that carry 90 kilogrammes of explosive charge, creating distinctive diamond-shaped shrapnel.

The M31 is more suited to targeting smaller areas such as individual buildings as it has an effective radius of approximately 20 metres when targeting soft ground and a range of 43.5 miles.

Himars have proved to be highly effective in Ukraine’s battle against Russian forces and it is thought that the army will adapt to using both the M31 and M30A1 following the new delivery.

The M30A1 rockets are also known as the Alternative Warhead and were constructed by Lockheed Martin. The US adopted the M31 as a replacement for the M26 rocket, which was notably used in the Gulf War and left a number of unexploded bombs which proved deadly to civilians.

M26 missiles were able to scatter over 600 mini-bombs, colloquially known as “steel rain” over a target area.

However, the new models of M31 and M30A1 missiles do not leave behind unexploded munitions following its discharge making them safer post-battle for civilians and for troops gaining ground.

The delivery of the greatly desired M30A1 ‘area weapon’ is set to strengthen Ukrainian forces as they continue their counteroffensive against Russia.

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