Report: At the peak of Covid Big Pharma dished out $14 billion in bribes to doctors to conceal vaccines efficacy

Report: At the peak of Covid Big Pharma dished out $14 billion in bribes to doctors to conceal vaccines efficacy


Corporate crime and fraud involving top 10 drug companies was rampant between 2009 and 2014 of which more than $14 billion was pad to doctors hide data on drug harms and illegally marketing drugs.

Dr Peter C. Gotzsche, co-founder of the Cochrane Collaboration and the Institute for Scientific Freedom, reveals that prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death in the world, a fact Big Pharma are ready and willing to compromise doctors to conceal.

Yet, the fines the drug companies have to pay when found on the wrong end of the law are minuscule in comparison to the profits they made from the drugs, according to Dr Gotzsche report in the authoritative Children’s Health Defense journal. Since then, however, nobody was fired, and “nothing has changed to stop them from committing these crimes again.”

Cardiologist, Dr Aseem Malhotra, revealed during a presentation in London on November 14 that during the Covid pandemic doctors and other medical workers did not tell the public that poor diet can increase the risk of dying from Covid-19 by increasing obesity risk, chronic disease and disrupting gut microbiome.

Consequently, in April 2020, Dr Malholtra tweeted, “The government and public health England are ignorant and grossly negligent for not telling the public they need to change their diet now.”

Not only did they not publicly share the importance of healthy weight and diet to ward off Covid-19, but they glamourised and encouraged junk food consumption via their official social media channels.

At one point during the pandemic, Royal Free Hospital, which is part of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, tweeted the following along with a photo showing dozens of doughnut boxes: “You guys at @krispykremeUK Enfield sure know how to put a smile on our staff’s faces!1,500 doughnuts delivered to our staff at Barnet Hospital-#glazeamaze.”

That hospitals were promoting junk food and junk food companies instead of healthy food is reminiscent of Big Tobacco’s tactics, which not only suppressed the harmful effects of cigarettes but also recruited doctors to promote them, using slogans such as, “More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette.”

“We see the same tactics repeating themselves,” Malhotra continued. “What Krispy Kreme is doing is using the NHS as a branding opportunity for what are essentially addictive, toxic foods that should just be treats but not part of the regular diet.”

Malhotra was one of the first to take Pfizer’s Covid-19 shot, and he’s double-jabbed. Initially, he says, he was in favour of the shots but a study published in Circulation, which found an increased incidence of inflammatory markers linked to heart attacks in people who’d received mRNA Covid-19 shots, gave him pause.

Then, a whistleblower from a prestigious British institution contacted him and said a group of researchers had found inflammation of coronary arteries after the mRNA shot.

However, the researchers had a meeting and decided not to share their findings because it might affect their funding from the drug industry. He then learned of data from Scotland that showed an unexplained 25 per cent increase in heart attacks.

He went to the media, armed with data, to share his concerns in October 2021, calling for an investigation. It received a lot of attention, but Malhotra was soon targeted by anonymous complaints to a medical organisation, which put his medical license at risk. At that point, he decided to gather other experts and critically review the data – then publish the truth.

In November 2020, Pfizer claimed their Covid-19 shot was 95 per cent effective against Covid-19, but this was highly misleading and, according to Malhotra, based on flawed methodology:

“‘Relative risk reduction is a way of exaggerating the benefits of any intervention…which would be in the interest of people trying to sell you something – in this case, the pharmaceutical industry.

“So, if for example, you have 1,000 people in a trial that didn’t have the vaccine versus 1,000 people that did in the placebo group…you may have two people dying. And in the intervention group, you may have just one person dying. And that’s a reduction of 50 per cent. One over two is a 50 per cent relative risk reduction. But actually, you’ve only saved one life out of 1,000.

“So, the absolute risk reduction is only 1 in 1,000. It’s a big difference. The guidance has been for many years that we must always use absolute risk reduction in conversations with patients, not just relative risk reduction alone; otherwise, it’s considered unethical,” Malhotra said.

“The accusation is that governments acted on Pfizer’s relative risk figure of 95 per cent efficacy, when the absolute risk was a mere 0.84 per cent. In other words, you’d have to vaccinate 119 people to prevent just one from catching Covid. ‘So, we were basically sold on something that ultimately, and in retrospect now, was very, very misleading.’”

If there were ever any doubt that regulatory agencies are captured by industry, consider that significant portions of regulatory agencies’ budgets come from the pharmaceutical industry that these agencies are supposed to regulate.

For instance: Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration – 96 per cent of its budget is derived from industry; Europe’s EMA – 89 per cent; UK’s MHRA – 86 per cent; Japan’s Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency – 85 per cent; US FDA – 65 per cent; and Health Canada – 50.5 per cent

Data and health advice from these agencies cannot be considered independent or trustworthy when it’s clouded by vested interests. What did one study – conducted by people who do not take money from the drug industry – find?

It re-analysed data that led to the original approval of the shots and subsequent shot mandates, revealing people were more likely to suffer a serious adverse, disability, hospitalisation or life-changing event after receiving an mRNA Covid-19 shot than be hospitalized with Covid-19.

Malhotra shared additional facts about Covid-19 shots that are now known based on the best available evidence: Covid-19 shots offer no protection against infection now; no reduction in Covid-19 mortality; natural immunity is very protective; shot side-effects are nearly three times more likely if you get the shot after having Covid-19; unprecedented harms have been reported from the shots.

“We have pulled vaccines in the past for much less,” Malhotra said. “This vaccine needs to be suspended completely, pending an inquiry.”

So why haven’t you heard about this? It’s clear that wilful blindness has taken over. Malhotra notes that political involvement and policy advocacy, combined with social participation and social movements can together lead to the creation of relevant knowledge.

According to Malhotra, “We need to make sure we’ve got clear, relevant, concrete knowledge in a way that can be disseminated and understandable to the public.”

Toward that end, Malhotra states that it’s crucial for the integrity of public health for the facts to be acknowledged and for regulators to state that they’ve changed their minds too.

Moving forward, in order to ensure access to real, evidence-based medicine, key changes need to be made, according to Malhotra, including: drug industry should play no role in testing drugs; drug industry should not be able to hide raw data from trials; all results of all trials in humans must be made publicly available; regulators such as the FDA and MHRA should not get any money from the drug industry.

To help enact change, Malhotra is calling for citizen power in the UK to use social media, calling for the suspension of mRNA shots. Specifically, he suggests tweeting and sharing the following, which can be tweaked depending on your location:

“My name is…and I call on the Secretary of State for Health…to #SuspendTheMRNAjabsnow until the raw data is released for independent analysis.”

Further, in order to beat the psychopathic corporate tyranny that has taken over, we must act virtuously, which involves embracing the following to keep moving forward: wisdom, courage, moderation and justice.

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