Mozambique on track to becoming a hub for natural gas development in Africa

Mozambique on track to becoming a hub for natural gas development in Africa


Mozambique is a country full of amazing opportunities. I have had a chance to engage with the energy industry in the country and also with a lot of local companies, civil society and young people.

It was exciting to talk with young people who understand that innovation and hard work lead to success. I believe nowhere is this more apparent than with our beautiful energy sector. The fish markets and seafood restaurants are beautiful and for a country boy like me, I feel blessed. I believe it is another reason to come back to Mozambique.

From our discussions, it is clear that in a changing world where energy demand, energy poverty, and climate change issues are a concern, we all must evolve and become responsible energy producers.

Mozambique is uniquely positioned to live up to this challenge. With an abundance in gas resources, we have an opportunity to grow and diversify our economies and create industries that support our lives, such as personal protective equipment, medical supplies, agricultural fertilizer, and computers.

Mozambique’s energy producers are very committed to the production of low-emission natural gas, they are already deploying world-class technology to meet these obligations. We have to have faith and support them. They will also support the clean energy needs of communities in Mozambique and around Africa, which is something we all have hoped and prayed for.

The government’s evolving position is to be commended and we must note they are facing difficult times with driving recovery from a period of unprecedented economic adversity and, a push to create a stronger and a more secure country where the free market, individual liberties and personal responsibility works.

We have made a lot of progress and we must build on it by moving new development opportunities forward across Mozambique’s value chain for natural gas advancement.

The African Energy Chamber will focus on increasing collaboration with industry and other governments, as well as fulfilling our commitment to being partners in local communities.

You and I will agree based on recent events, that the world needs reliable and stable sources of energy. Mozambique’s leaders agree with us that we must work together if we wish to be a leader in the efficient and sustainable development of natural gas and get our products to global markets.

There are so many individuals in Mozambique that I should thank for an amazing week. I want to thank President Filipe Nyusi and his team for providing us with enormous support and great discussions, energy players in the country for their time and, their efforts in seeing that they get the job done.

Our strategy builds on a collaborative effort by identifying actions that will develop meaningful partnerships with industry, governments, and local communities works and, we must continue on this momentum.

By continuing this work together, our energy sector will help Mozambique and many African countries build a stronger, more resilient natural gas sector that meets our hopes and aspirations.

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