Too many ‘petty snubs’ at Queen Elizabeth II mourning as Prince Harry is stripped of right to wear military regalia

Too many ‘petty snubs’ at Queen Elizabeth II mourning as Prince Harry is stripped of right to wear military regalia


Prince Harry has been given an “unnecessary snub” by the Firm, as the mourning Prince has been told he is unable to wear his military uniform at his grandmother’s funeral.

Although Harry had his military titles removed by the Queen after stepping down from senior royal duties in 2020, since he used to be a major in the British Army, he would have been able to wear the uniform with the permission of the King.

Instead, Harry will have to wear black while his family surround him in military uniform.

The revelations come on the back of reports that Prince Harry was banned from a family dinner hours after the Queen died over fears he would blab about it in his forthcoming book.

The Duke of Sussex arrived too late at Balmoral to see his grandmother alive after being excluded from the royal RAF flight.

According to The Sun, the prince was told he would not be joining his father Charles, William and Camilla for dinner at the new King’s home. Instead, he ate in the castle with Prince Andrew, Princess Anne, Edward and Sophie.

A source said, “He could not be trusted. How do they know he won’t write about it? Even if there is no time to update the book he could have told Meghan and it could have been blabbed. There was a lot to talk about so it was best to keep it to the King, Queen and heir.”

But on Saturday Wills, 40, issued a remarkable invite to Harry and Meghan to “show unity for the Queen” and see the flowers laid for her while meeting the public outside Windsor Castle along with Kate.

With regard to military uniform, The Express reports that Harry’s uncle, Prince Andrew, has been permitted to wear a military uniform at the funeral, despite his connections with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Royal expert Camilla Tominey has described this move as “petty”.

Writing in The Telegraph, she said: “Denying Harry the right to wear military uniform, even though the disgraced Duke of York has been permitted to wear his Royal Navy dress for the final vigil at Westminster Hall, does appear rather petty.

“It seems the palace is following the protocol for “non-working” royals and has given Andrew the brief reprieve because he is the late Queen’s son.

“Whatever the thinking behind the move, however, the public may view it as an unnecessary snub.”

The Royal Family was virtually torn apart when Meghan and Harry announced they were quitting the Royal Family and moving to the US.

But despite the apparent rift, The Sun reports that the brothers united in their grief to pay tribute to their grandmother the Queen just days after her tragic death.

They were last seen together in public at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June.

But they are believed to have kept out of each other’s way and didn’t acknowledge each other during a service of remembrance at St Paul’s. It comes as The Sun revealed further that William and Harry could walk side by side behind the Queen’s coffin in plans to be discussed in coming days.

They were separated by cousin Peter Phillips as they followed Prince Philip’s cortege at his funeral 17 months ago, during the height of their feud. Palace planners are still putting finishing touches on arrangements for two royal family processions behind the Queen’s coffin in London.

However, The Sun understands there will be discussions about whether the brothers could again be seen at each other’s sides.

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