Man United’s most loathed owners are reportedly on verge of selling their stake to fellow Americans  

Man United’s most loathed owners are reportedly on verge of selling their stake to fellow Americans  


The ownership of Manchester United could soon change hands. That’s according to British agent Haydn Dodge, who has confirmed that the Glazer family are locked in takeover talks with US-based investment companies.

The Premier League giants have become the subject of much debate after fan discontent reached new highs earlier in the year.

Joel Glazer is an American businessman with a current net worth of approximately $1 billion and a member of the Glazer family, which owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL) and Manchester United.

As owners, they were directly behind Manchester United’s decision to join the European Super League (ESL) in April 2021, a move that caused fans to protest all over Manchester.

Joel Glazer’s father, Malcolm Glazer, acquired Manchester United in 2005, starting a long, rocky relationship with the fans, due to the leveraged acquisition of the club. ‘Leveraged’ meaning the Glazer’s dumped the loans used to buy Manchester United (approximately $600 million) on the club itself.

Accused of prioritising personal profits over collective sporting achievements, the Glazers are arguably the league’s most unpopular owners, but following several protests which carried the message:

“Glazers out!” Supporters have been left to wonder whether the club’s American owners will actually call it a day and walk away from the club. Well, according to Dodge, even though those involved in a potential takeover are bound by non-disclosure agreements, talks are progressing behind the scenes.

“Every penny will always be scrutinised and chastised due to their public nature,” Dodge said in an exclusive interview. Old Trafford needs a revamp as well, so that’s a big problem and the owners know they are continually under the microscope.

“There are talks taking place to sell the club with investment companies in the United States but, as usual, everyone involved has been forced to sign non-disclosure agreements.”

Interestingly, when pressed on how much the Glazers would accept for the club, Dodge went on to say: “The Glazers’ valuation is just under £4 billion ($4.62 billion).”

At their first visit to Old Trafford the Glazers ended up being driven away from the ground in a police van for their own safety. The decision to join the Super League did not go down well with fans already angry at owners who according to a study by The Guardian have taken out over $1 billion in interest, costs, fees and dividends. Supporters breaking into the club’s training ground on April 22.

In a statement last month, Glazer said, “By bringing together the world’s greatest clubs and players to play each other throughout the season, the Super League will open a new chapter for European football, ensuring world-class competition and facilities, and increased financial support for the wider football pyramid.” This did not placate fans.

One Sunday morning in April 2021 prior to the clash between Liverpool at Old Trafford, hundreds of supporters stormed Old Trafford and various properties around the city demanding the Glazers abandon the team.

Manchester United ended up backing out of the ESL following the negative impact it had and they issued an apology to all the fans around the world. But it seems that the supporters have not accepted this apology and they made sure their voice was once again heard prior to the game against the ‘Reds’ in the Premier League.

The league decided to postpone the match between Liverpool and Manchester United due to the protests. The league announced that “the rearrangement of the fixture will be communicated in due course.”

“Apology not accepted. We want Glazers out,” read several banners. “It’s a warning to the owners of the football club that ultimately they (the fans) are not going to accept what they have done in the last couple of weeks,” said former Man United legend Gary Neville to Sky Sports.

Reacting to the news, some fans this if it indeed true that the Americans are disposing of the club for a “four billion dollar evaluation sounds about right, given the recent sale of Chelsea and what I’ve read about how Liverpool are currently valued by Forbes.”

However, the Glazers have a really poor record, with respect to running a football club properly.

“No one wants a sports-washing entity to own the club, and no one wants another round of American owners that prioritise profit over on-pitch performance. If Sir Jim is still in the mix, then he would probably be the ideal owner as he is local and has hands-on experience owning Nice in France,” according to reactions to the news of the exit of the current owners.

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