Hamburg German-African energy forum to power Africa’s economic growth

Hamburg German-African energy forum to power Africa’s economic growth


The African energy sector is in the process of solidifying its partnership with German investors and technology to provide a bridge between businesses in Europe and Africa.

From upstream to downstream, Africa’s energy sector is speeding up transition to net-zero and continues to adopt new technologies to realise the goal.

It also plans to scale up digitisation and decentralisation of activities over the next decade to entrench efficiency accountability in the sector.

The Fourteenth German African Energy Forum in Hamburg hosted by Afrika Verein leads the dialogue and the push for investment, with the focus on the entire African energy spectrum, besides other areas of economic cooperation.

Afrika-Verein said in statement, “The economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change and the ongoing digital transformation of economies need a green, smart and quick response from the energy sector. Power generation is still one of the main enablers for inclusive economic growth in Africa.”

With this said, the African Energy Chamber strongly endorses the 14th German African Energy Forum efforts to do so, according senior officials.

In the same manner, there is a strong need for German and African businesses and policymakers to support policies that create an enabling environment for investment in a fair and evolving industry. Germany’s march to net-zero transition can’t be met if Africa lags behind.

The African energy sector’s ability to support the rapidly increasing demands for electricity, the deployment of smart infrastructure to manage energy more effectively, gas monetisation, combating energy poverty and the approach we take to financing Africa’s clean energy transitions in a post-Covid era makes this forum more important than ever.

The 14th German African Energy Forum is expected to provide key market insights, trends and opportunities over the next decade as the energy sector prepares to support global green economy.

“Year after year, Afrika Verein has been consistent in keeping Africa at the centre of German foreign policy and energy policy. Their ability to bring together key stakeholders from Africa and Germany to work on energy matters, including Germany and Africa, is inspiring,” said executive chairman of the African Energy Chamber NJ Ayuk.

“We are going to need a real net-zero transition that takes into consideration policy, regulation, innovation, technology and investment in Africa. A disorderly transition creates a stronger impulse for job losses, geographic inequity and a deterioration in inequality. In return, economic disenfranchisement can reduce public support for environmental policies over time Germans and Africans need to work together to avoid it,” Ayuk pointed out.

There is a strong belief in Africa Energy Chamber that Hamburg is an ideal forum for energy investors, project developers, policy makers and innovators to share insights and expertise on key transition trends and opportunities in Africa.

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